hi, this is admin. call me kuro.


it just occurred to me that i should post some articles containing some letters. lol.

で、torについて書いてみようと思うわけです。自分語りも入ります。ァ '`,、'`,、 (ノ∀`) '`,、'`,、'`,、

and i decided to write on tor. maybe part of history of me.


simply put, tor is a kind of service, which enables you to browse the web anonymously, and it is  usually bundled with firefox.


the service is to provide privacy security, but, of course, tons of i11egal stuff have been around on it, including human trafficking, child porn, preteen porn, etc.

僕はかなり早くtorを使用し始めた方です。始めた頃はlolita cityっていうヤバイサイトが全盛期でした。

i began to use tor earlier than usual people. when i dived into the dark web, there was a very dangerous site, called "lolita city".


it was the very hugiest collection of child porn and preteen porn.


it is dead now, of course. lol. 


 well, i think tor is still a valuable service, if you are privacy conscious. recommended.

【注意】topic links 3.0 torをググったりしないように。

【warning】 never google "topic links 3.0 tor".